PHOTOS: VJ Nikki with Ate Gay on MYX Daily Top Ten! November 23, 2012

  • lkjh21 posted 2 years ago

    Watch your posts,----Big Brother is watching---Clearly, the motive behind the passage of the Cybercrime Law is to quell dissent and silence the brewing opposition against the populist regime. The president could have vetoed RA 10175 û and safeguard the democratic rights of Filipinos--Not only is the government taking Internet freedom away û the regime is demolishing our civil rights

  • ninjz_ja9 posted 2 years ago

    Ang kwela-kwela talaga ni ate niks., Graveh mas ng-eejoy ako sa panonood ng MYX. :)

  • mostlove posted 2 years ago

    shea so pretty , every time i look at her i remember hebeutyful vOice

  • rayviktor posted 2 years ago

    im happy waching myx god bless i love you nikks

  • rayviktor posted 2 years ago

    hi nikki i always whatch myx every monday to friday say hi to my bff clyde.mershe.and maxi viah your very kind if i dont see you al be sad and if i see you im happy watchi myx

  • posted 2 years ago

    .. wow c nikki pla yan prang ndi aa.. ang gnda aman nia..
    ang gnda pah ng suot nia..

  • jasyuki posted 2 years ago

    parang manekin si nikki >..pero ayos...

  • rayviktor posted 2 years ago

    beautiful dress like taylor swift new album red and your lips like a taylor swift your cute kind helpful god bless

  • k.pop147 posted 2 years ago

    i like your outfit vj nikki :)

  • draselcaballero posted 2 years ago

    ...i like yOur Outfit Ate nikki

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