PHOTOS: Bring Me To 1D: The Race To Win The GO1DEN TICKET at Skydome

  • posted 2 years ago

    i want the g0lden ticket 0f 1D...<3 <3

  • Jerhiz_Espinosa posted 2 years ago

    I will Get that Golden Ticket .. !!!

  • jarry lopez posted 2 years ago

    pano ba mnalo ng golden ticket ng 1D ???

  • kimdelossantos posted 2 years ago

    sobrang saya talaga ng event na to!!!!!!

  • kylevXD1D posted 2 years ago

    sana akouh lang :(

  • DHENss posted 2 years ago

    Swerte ng nanalo...but congrats sa kanya hah...sana andyan akouh....:(

  • Stylistic_1D posted 2 years ago

    holo an swerte jan ng mga nanalo.. sana andyan din ako kaya lang an layu ko dyan... :'(

  • darriella_niall posted 2 years ago

    swerte ng nanalo jan..haha..just saying,..

  • jrllavan1994 posted 2 years ago

    All girls lang ba talaga ang sumali? haha

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