PHOTOS: Callalily Launches Flower Power

  • erilese posted 2 years ago

    Busy pa tau sa daldal tol @amielleq #CKInvasion

  • amielleq posted 2 years ago

    ayun ako oh :)) #CKInvasion

  • jhenismyname0889 posted 2 years ago

    Waaaaaa... Ang gagwapo at babango nila! Mehehe

  • keithfrancisco posted 2 years ago

    MY GOSH ang gwapo nia lahat lalo na c KEAN

  • myrababes posted 2 years ago

    FLOWER POWER!!!!!!!!!!

  • jillybean posted 2 years ago

    Heart yun! Naging question mark waah

  • jillybean posted 2 years ago

    I love Callalily! ? Kean, Tatsi, Aaron & Lem! Congrats guys! :)

  • YuriTakagi posted 2 years ago

    Kean! I love you! Woohoo! Hahaha! :)

  • kimieliciuz posted 2 years ago


  • untitled_11 posted 2 years ago

    wooh!! callalily

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