MYXCLUSIVE: AUSTIN MAHONE Rises From YouTube To The Limelight!

Austin Mahone started posting YouTube videos last year. He loves to do cover versions of popular hits like Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never," Bruno Mars' "Just The Way You Are," Jason Mraz' "I'm Yours," and Adele's "Someone Like You," among others.

The 16-year old teenager from Texas is already receiving a lot of attention from fans across the globe.  His YouTube videos have reached as high as 11 million views, almost 2 million Facebook likes and 1.6 million Twitter followers, and his current single "Say Somethin" is earning radio airplay and it has been climbing several charts already.

MYXPH.COM got the chance to interview Austin and ask him about his fame, the comparison between him and Justin Bieber, and a lot more.

Austin didn't expect his YouTube videos to grow big. According to him, he just wanted to have a hobby that's why he and his friend Alex started to post videos. "We were just bored," Austin says. "Once we were receiving a lot of feedbacks, subscribers and a lot of comments, we were like 'Wow! This is getting crazy. Maybe we can make this a regular thing," he adds.

He reveals that he's always had a passion for music and once he saw a lot of people liking his videos, leaving a comment and subscribing, he thought that maybe he can turn it into more than a hobby. "I thought of making it like my thing, like do shows," he says.

The "Say Somethin" singer is receiving comparisons between him and Justin Bieber who like him, also started on YouTube before making it big in the music scene. We asked him, "What do you think about being compared to Justin Bieber?" Austin answered, "I think it's definitely cool because he's super talented. It's very flattering." But Austin insists that he wants the people to give him a chance to stay away from Bieber's shadow. "I want people to look at me, my style. This is me, this is how I look, this is what I do, so, give me a chance."

But Austin had the chance to meet Justin at a previous event and according to him, it was the best day of his life. Our curious question, did Justin Bieber give him an advice?

He shared to us that the experience was cool, and Justin was really a cool dude and very humble. "He told me that no matter how big or how famous I get, I just got to keep working hard no matter what," he shares.

His video for "Say Somethin" debuted on the 15th spot at the MYX International Top 20 and here in the Philippines, there is already a growing army of "Mahomies." What can he say about this?

"It's awesome! I'm blessed and thankful to have so many fans across the world that love me and support me," according to the 16-year old singer.

Being a talented artist who once dreamed of making it big, we asked him, "What advice can you give other aspiring young artists like you?" 

"For people who are doing the same thing like I did, just keep working hard, never give up on your dreams, because you'll never know what's gonna happen. I never knew it was gonna blow that big. No matter what happens and no matter what the haters are saying, just keep going," he says.

Austin Mahone is definitely on his way to the top as he is set to release his album come March or April, and he will also be the opening act for Taylor Swift's "Red" tour. 

MAHOMIES! Feel free to leave a comment below!

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  • TheMahomie posted 1 year ago

    Mahomie for Life!!!! <3

  • Rineah_holy mamao posted 1 year ago

    ilove trhis singer <3

  • anezavan posted 1 year ago

    u should also interview cody simpson :"> i llove him too :D <3

  • anezavan posted 1 year ago

    yeah.. filipino mahomies are getting big!! so watch out people :) lolXD


  • DjPadilla_JBieber posted 1 year ago

    heck no! Justin will always be #1 Justin. one and only Justin Bieber! No one will beat him! ^__^

  • iammemhiel posted 1 year ago

    ? love Austin

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