SNSD's JESSICA Performs NYOY VOLANTE's 'Someday'!

On New Year's Day, a video of Jessica (SNSD) and Krystal (f(x)) performing a familiar song to Filipinos surfaced on YouTube.

Krystal on piano and Jessica on vocals were performing "Someday," a song written and composed by Nyoy Volante, at the SNSD Romantic Fantasy in Korea.

MYXPH.COM got a chance for an exclusive interview with Nyoy Volante himself and asked him about his reaction to the performance.

Nyoy said that he is so proud that his song made it to the international scene, especially that it was held on a big performing stage in Korea in front of thousands of people. "I have nothing to feel but be proud kasi international yun, eh." he said. Although he was not informed about the use of his song, he said that he has nothing to do about it, but he is very happy about the fact that Jessica of SNSD performed a song that he wrote and composed.

We asked him, "What if the performer decides to release "Someday" as her single?" Nyoy said, "I'd be happy, of course." But what if he won't be recognized as the songwriter? "Okay lang sakin. Alam naman ng tao na akin yung kanta and ako ang nagsulat noon. I'm not after the recognition din naman."

Nyoy wrote "Someday" and it was released in 2006. It was a single from Nina's self-titled album. The single was very successful topping several charts in the Philippines. In 2010, Nyoy released his own version of the song which was included in his album "In You."

According to Nyoy, he wasn't able to watch the full performance of Jessica. "I was only able to watch few parts from it kaya lang biglang naputol, eh." he laughs.

So now, here is your chance to watch the full performance!

Video taken from YouTube.

We're proud that you're song was performed in Korea! Congratulations Nyoy!

Nyoy Volante's latest album "Tuloy Pa Rin" is still available at leading record bars nationwide under MCA Music.

What is YOUR reaction to this? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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  • shyelf_12 posted 1 year ago

    daebak!!! This is why I hate how people say that Kpop kills OPM~ because why can't we just respect Kpop since kpoppers and even the Kpop acts themselves respect OPM! ~?

  • shiemae posted 1 year ago

    nakaka PROUD! Ang galing talaga ng pinoy. :)

  • soshisaranghae posted 1 year ago


  • aal izz well posted 1 year ago

    Its so Pathetic! how come that Girls Generation I Got A Boy Become no.1 at the M.I.T. 20 this week? It should be TAYLOR SWIFT "I KNEW YOU WERE TROUBLE" bcoz she stays 3 DAYS as the highest International act in the MYX DAILY TOP TEN!compare to SNSD.... I've watch daily top ten everyday that's why it made me confuse.Can we please have the tally or percentage of votes like a year ago. We hope there's no bias that happening.Were a very big fan of MYX so we don't want to be disappointed! !

  • Leegiieyeon posted 1 year ago

    Sica *O*

  • Apple4444 posted 1 year ago

    Good job Nyoy Volante! You should write more songs!!
    Anyway,I am a sone <3

  • DJane.29 posted 1 year ago

    SnSd's the best! ^.^ Looking forward to their Kpop Fantasy Concert. Proud of being a Pinoy Sone <3

  • seoella18 posted 1 year ago

    Sica the best <3

  • sica-chu posted 1 year ago

    i'm proud of being a pinoy S<3NES!!!

  • Dhawnz posted 1 year ago

    the best Jessica.. :)

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