URBANDUB Describes Their MYX Mo! 2012 Experience!

MYX got the chance to talk to Urbandub and ask them about their MYX Mo! 2012 experience and they said, "Ang wild ng tao this year. Every year it just keeps getting better and better."

With the emergence of social media today, almost all of the artists use it to connect to their fans and it's the fans way to be updated with their favorite artists. We asked Urbandub if they have time to answer questions from their fans online and according to them, "It's not a conscious effort to answer questions from our fans, we don't do it to maintain our fanbase, we do it because it's our way of thanking them for their support."

For 2013, Urbandub is currently halfway through with their newest album and hopefully by first quarter of next year, the album will be released.

We also asked Urbandub their reaction to those who are saying that OPM is dead and they said, "Yung mga na nagsasabing OPM is dead, yun young mga tao na hindi pumupunta sa mga gigs, sila yung mga ayaw makisama, ayaw mapawisan. Kasi dito makikita mo talaga na nagkakaisa ang OPM."

Keep logging on to for the MYX Mo! 2012 livestream and watch it from 3 different camera angles!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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  • imayn12 posted 2 years ago

    mas maganda ang myxmo last year regard sa pagkakapwesto ng field, sana katulad nalang ng lst year na pare-prehas ng ticket hindi 2ld kagabi. May GOLD A, GOLD B, tyaka Silver. dapat laht sama2 diba? nkakaramdam kasi yun mga ibang tao ng discrimination. dapat pantay2x lang! And ok lang namn ung securities mahigpit. un nga lng kagabi nayamot ksi ako kasi ung ibang bouncer na lumapit s crowd na nag iislaman, may isa dun na bouncer (yellow yun suot) naniko at hindi nya alam n girl yung nasiko nya! ku

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