MYXCLUSIVE: Phone Interview with LAWSON!

MYX Philippines had the chance for an interview with the band Lawson via phone patch.

Lawson is a British band which consists of Andy Brown (acoustic guitar and lead vocals), Ryan Fletcher (bass guitar), Joel Peat (lead guitar) and Adam Pitts (drums).

The band began when Adam sent Andy a message on MySpace. Andy had some acoustic songs in there and Adam listened to it and loved them. He then told Andy that if he needs a drummer, he can give him  call. Andy got back to Adam for a little chat and told him they need a bassist. Andy and Ryan were both from the London music scene and they had gigs together. Joel and Ryan, on the other hand, have been friends for a very long time. From then on, they all got together and became friends. According to Joel, one day they just clicked and thought they should give a go. 

They got their name "Lawson" from Andy's surgeon who saved his life 5 years ago. Before the band started, Andy was diagnosed with brain tumor, Dr. Lawson saved his life by removing the tumor from his head. They thought that it would be nice to name the band after the surgeon in his honor.

Lawson is very happy to be a part of the British community across the world, along with many UK acts who are making waves in the music scene. Following the success of Adele and all the other British talents has been incredible and an honor to be up there with those names. "The fact that we are doing well internationally means so much to us." Joel added.

According to them, they would love to collaborate with female singers like Jessie J or Taylor Swift. They think that it would be incredible because they are a band and they write and play everything. They said that it would be quite cool as a band to get a female vocalist and do something like Coldplay and Rihanna.

"The fact that people connects with our music is a dream come true. We just hope that we can come out there soon and tour our music and meet everyone, it would mean the world to us." said Joel when asked how does it feel knowing that fans all over the world listen to their music and know about them.

MYX asked: "Which of your songs is the most romantic?"

"I think 'The Girl I Knew' is very romantic. That's the last song on the album. When we were doing that song on the studio Andy was like, "I don't wanna cry." The whole album actually is about love." Joel said.

Lawson hopes to come over the Philippines around April and said that they do have big plans. They want to come out and visit their fans all over the world.

Here is Lawson's to all their Filipino fans:

"We just wanna say thank you so much for all your support so far. We can't believe how amazing we've done so far around the world. Keep supporting us and we can't wait to see you!"

Their single "Taking Over Me" is currently at the no. 17 spot in the Myx International Top 20 so keep on voting!

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  • ap010893 posted 2 years ago

    Can't wait to see them perform live!

  • kris appleton posted 2 years ago

    When She Was Mine to debut next please! Vote for it guys!

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