WATCH HERE: The M&M Twins on MYX Daily Top Ten! November 15, 2012

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  • ArnoldDumlao posted 2 years ago

    MYX DAILY TOP TEN - Friday (November 16, 2012)

    #10. Abra feat. Thyro and Jeriko Aguilar - GAYUMA
    # 9. Spongecola - MAHABA PA ANG GABI
    # 8. Moonstar88 - LIGAW
    # 7. TVXQ - CATCH ME
    # 6. Gloc9 feat. Billy Crawford - BAKIT HINDI
    # 5. Taylor Swift - BEGIN AGAIN
    # 4. David Archuleta - EVERYBODY HURTS
    # 3. One Direction - LITTLE THINGS
    # 2. Callalily - PASASALAMAT
    # 1. Julie Anne San Jose - ENOUGH

  • kaantuk posted 2 years ago

    Good Job Adiks! Numero uno na naman si Julie. Of course thanks din sa mga voters na di Adiks. Enough won't be #1 kung di kayo bumoboto! But then again, Enough is really a good song. OPM that can only compete to int'l now. Speacially sa 1D. Pero what can I say? 3 days #1 for this week. #1 na din yan sa Hit Chart! :)

  • charmiarivera posted 2 years ago

    plz.... ipakita nyo naman yung ibang kanta ng one direction bahala ng leaked pa yan .... plz.... little things is the best

  • ArnoldDumlao posted 2 years ago

    MYX DAILY TOP TEN - Thursday (November 15, 2012)

    #10. Sponge Cola - MAHABA PA ANG GABI
    # 9. Moonstar88 - LIGAW
    # 8. Kimpoy Feliciano - IKAW LANG
    # 7. Gloc9 feat. Billy Crawford - BAKIT HINDI
    # 6. Taylor Swift - BEGIN AGAIN
    # 5. TVXQ - CATCH ME
    # 4. David Archuleta - EVERYBODY HURTS
    # 3. Callalily - PASASALAMAT
    # 2. One Direction - LITTLE THINGS
    # 1. Julie Anne San Jose - ENOUGH

  • munsayac posted 2 years ago

    i love enough by julie anne san jose .. everytime na naririnig ko un naiiyak ako ..

  • sarahim posted 2 years ago

    elow poh

  • almonte carla posted 2 years ago

    i love little things by one direction... everytime i hear that song, it really makes me cry

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