Controversial LRT Girl Paula Salvosa Is A MYX VJ Search Auditionee

News outfits and the cyberworld are abuzz with the recent viral video of an enraged young woman shouting at a security guard at the Santolan LRT 2 station in Marikina City. The girl, identified as Paula Jamie Salvosa, is currently getting mixed reactions about her actions on the clip titled "THE RUDE PASSENGER" taken by Gregory Llamoso

The clip's caption states:
 "I dont know the side of the story but some Bystander told me na sinita siya ng Lady Guard kasi mali ang pinasukan niyang way but the passengers behavior surprised me, sobrang degrading naman yung ginawa niya sa Lady Guard.." 

The video appears to show a part of the confrontation between Paula and the guard and no official statement has been released regarding the situation. Some online comments say that regardless of the inappropriate action of the lady guard, she shouldn't have made a scene at the LRT 2 station. Others say that people don't have the right to judge the person because not everyone knows the complete story.  

The viral video is now dubbed by netizens as "AMALAYER" because of her alleged accusation to the lady guard that she's been lying about how rudely she called Salvosa's attention at the station. The hashtag #AMALAYER became one of the worldwide trending topics today and is still a hot topic on social media sites.

Paula is a consistent auditionee for the MYX VJ Search. The former student jock at Mellow 94.7 has tried her luck on the search since 2010. Watch her audition videos below. 

MYX VJ Search 2012 audition

What do you think about the issue? Feel free to comment below!

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  • elrhon posted 2 years ago

    reyalama :)

  • miqs_micaela posted 2 years ago

    Amalayer ?!

  • eduardgeramos posted 2 years ago

    AMALAYER ??? Hahaha !

  • giddy_24 posted 2 years ago

    we need to be diplomatic at all time.. read the BIBLE

  • graceM posted 2 years ago

    kung nag aaral siya .. dapat alam niya ang ibig sabihin ng RESPETO !!!

  • aj_anime18 posted 2 years ago

    Dpat mlagut yung nguplod ng vid, nia sa LRT ee,

  • aj_anime18 posted 2 years ago

    Ok lng nman gnawa nia i think npahiya cia cguro kya ngalit cia ng gnun .., my point nman cia ee.. Ehe! :D

  • Dimee posted 2 years ago

    she'll try auditioning until she gets 25 daw. . . can she still grab a chance sa sobrang hiya nya ngayon sa madla? sayang ka girl! :)

  • frezier_01 posted 2 years ago

    in my opinion, myx should have not posted her audition video here on the website considering the criticisms she is currently receiving. I'm not on her side with the way she acted, but don't you think that the video contributed further to the mockery she's receiving?
    no offense meant to anyone. This is just my opinion regarding the situation.

  • brandeLLe posted 2 years ago

    AMALAYER? hahahahahah :P

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