Justin Bieber proudly receives Double-Platinum Record Award from the Philippines

During a successful promo visit to Japan last October 12, pop-sensation Justin Bieber was presented with various awards coming from Universal Music Indonesia, China, Malaysia and Philippines for achieving sales of 280,000 (digital combined) in Southeast Asia region. Here in the Philippines alone, Justin Bieber otherwise known among his huge legion of fans as ôJBö, has triumphantly stormed the airwaves, raved digital avenues and smashed all music stores nationwide as he has sold more than 30,000 from an outstanding combined physical and digital sales performance of his albums, ôMy Worldö, ôMy World 2.0ö and ôMy Worlds.ö

In a short span of time and just at the onset of his booming career, this teen superstar has already proven to be an all-hit, all-platinum selling pop artist who has reached tremendous fame and recognition putting him in the same ranks as the great Stevie Wonder, for being the youngest male solo artist to have a #1 album not only on the US Billboard Top 200 but also consistently in all Music and Video Top 10 Charts across the Philippines, with his albumsÆ back-to-back massive #1 hits such as ôBaby,ö ôOne Time,ö ôOnly Less Lonely Girl,ö ôSomebody to Loveö and more. Amazingly to date, since the time that mobile ringback tones were first brought into the PhilippineÆs digital scene, it was JustinÆs ôBabyö which has been the longest-running, top-selling song, garnering the most number of hits from its huge subscriber base. It is interesting to note as well that during Justin BieberÆs promo visit in Japan, an Asia petition award was also presented to the young star for a Justin Bieber Asia Facebook campaign where fans were invited to register and sign a petition to get Justin over to Asia, with over 340,000 fans signing up within two months! Born in Stratford, Ontario, Justin Bieber is a multi-talented singer, and a self-taught musician on drums, guitar, piano, and trumpet. To date, he has surpassed 150 million views (the first 50 million of them as an amateur starting in 2007, posting renditions of his favorite hip-hop and R&B songs).

Indeed, Justin Bieber is nothing short of a phenomenon as he continues to take everyone by storm with every dynamic tune and beat that he releases and as he continues to rock the worlds of his millions of Filipino fans who are yet again in the lookout for another new album to hit the market.

Justin BieberÆs ôMy Worldö, ôMy World 2.0ö and ôMy Worldsö are released exclusively under MCA Music, Inc.



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    I just love him so much he really deserve what he is right now. Proud to be a belieber! :) He inspires a lot of people around the world :)