Callalily is considered to be one of the hottest rock bands of its generation and has been growing steadily in the industry for eight years now.

Despite the changing times in the music industry, Callalily still emerges to be recognized and awarded.

Recently, they won Favorite Group at the MYX Music Awards 2013 and received a Gold award for their latest album, "Flower Power." 

The band is known for their hit songs "Stars," "Magbalik," "Susundan," "Take My Hand," "Wala Na Tayo," "Pasasalamat," and "HKM," which all have topped both radio and music video charts.

Callalily is also crossing over to TV and movie appearances as Kean has starred in various movies like "Babae Sa Septic Tank," "The Reunion," and "Praybeyt Benjamin," and is currently a part of ASAP Sessionistas and Banananite. 

Despite their success in the entertainment industry, Callalily continues to do what they love to do, and that is to perform and create music for OPM and their fans.