Origin of the Name

Whenever someone would ask the question, ôWho is Tanya Markova?ö the members of this entertaining band would usually answer, ôShe is not one of usö. Well, she isnÆt, her name is not even one of the band members gay alias. It is just plain coincidence that if you rearrange or jumble the word æTanyaÆ, an ilocano word ænatayÆ would come up, and it means ædeadÆ in English; and if you rearrange the word æMarkovaÆ another ilocano word ækarovamÆ or karubam, which means neighbor, will come up.

The bandÆs name reflects on their music. Due to the bandÆs ambition to try out different genres in music without losing their wit and humor-laden attitude, it is really hard to label or stereotype them because of their uncanny ability to create songs that are out of the box. You can describe their songs any way you want --- sweet, catchy, immature, chopsuey, scary, and even confusing --- attributed to the fact that they have different musical tastes yet they in sync with each other when they play.

The Beginning

Initially formed late 2004, Tanya Markova was a brainchild of 2 musically-inclined underachievers who one day decided to just hang out and vent their frustration in life through cigarettes and stupid conversation. Harlon Agsaoay ( aka Norma Love , vocalist, co-songwriter, tambourine) informed Angelo del Pilar (aka Iwa Motors, vocalist, co-songwriter, bell ringer) that he had recently watched a Marilyn Manson documentary and thought he is an attention-seeking genius thatÆs why he became AmericaÆs public enemy when it comes to notoriety, the latter, who is MansonÆs number one fan agreed --- and the rest is history. Iwa immediately thought of an idea to combine sappy melodies (Brian Wilsonesque)and scary, caricature-driven lyrics, then they decided to compose songs filled with sarcasm, idiocy, and childish ramblings. During those times the song theyÆve created were only meant to be a joke, with nonsensical titles like Yak my Bulate, Mahirap Maging Bopis, and Hoy Bampira ako Takot ka na? (later shortened to Bampira and the first song theyÆve ever completed). It took several months before they could find members who would agree to their concept, and almost 2 years to complete the line-up and perform live onstage.

Line-up Completion

After all those lengthy, drunken discussions about aborting the whole idea and debates on adding a rapper to the band (just kidding), the band was finally formed in early 2006. The eager duo was able to convince brothers Jasper Borbajo (aka Heart Abunda, keyboardist), JB Borbajo (aka Sugar K, axeman) and Edu Broce (aka Ruffa Mae Milby, drummer), experienced and well-versed musicians who hail from Bacolod, to become part of the band weeks after theyÆve arrived in Manila on December 2005. Florante Sabas (aka Rez Curtis, axeman), JB and JasperÆs cousin, was then tapped as the bandÆs 2nd guitarist and theyÆve enlisted Francis æKiksÆ Chavez (aka Skrobak Iskopanjo, bass), as the bandÆs bassist. They needed a comic relief and a total performer (which, to be honest, would prove essential to the bandÆs music) so theyÆve decided to add Philip Alejandro (aka Mowmow, back-up singer, entertainer) to the line-up. Once formed, they began practicing and it was only on November of 2006 that they landed their first gig which was held in Kolumn Bar, Quezon City. Since then, the band has progressively become a tight unit and has drawn attention whenever they play mainly because of their penchant for wearing costume and make-up, silly antics, and fascination with ghosts and exorcism. Since then, theyÆve been playing gigs in bars like Alchemy, MayricÆs, Magnet CafT, and the legendary Club Dredd (which was resurrected in Libis), AlÆs Bar, and places all over Metro Manila. TheyÆve also been included as one of the featured artists in Club Dredd website, and a track called æAninongÆ has been included in NU107Æs playlist last Christmas (December 2007 to be specific). They were also able to record demos of songs like Bampira and P.A. Roadie Fernandez, and has played alongside respected acts in the music scene.

Regardless of the bandÆs theatrics and their ability to fuse punk, rock and roll, new wave, and even metal to combine serious musicianship and humor, they have one thing in common --- they were bonded by their love for one type of music --- pop.

Album Recording

With the help of SoupstarÆs par excellence Darwin Hernandez and manager R2 Pioquinto, TM was able to record their debut album at Sonic State from July-August 2009 with the help of powerhouse studio engineers Jonathan Ong and Robert Javier.

Tragedy and Hiatus

The band was on their lowest point last September 9, 2009 due to the unexpected passing of Jollybee Borbajo aka Sugar K, (1982-2009) the bands talented axeman and the bandÆs primary confidence booster. Due to this sudden loss, the band had declared a hiatus in order to deal with the emotional & heartbreaking experience and to think about the bandÆs direction û but disbanding was the last thing on their mind.

The Rebirth of Jennylyn Sucaldito

December was the month when EJ Guevarra went back to Manila because of one reason --- to play lead guitar for Tanya Markova again. He was actually TMÆs original guitarist (Sugar K previously played drums before switching to guitars when Rufa Mae Milby decided to join) and was able to play in a few gigs and became involved on TMÆs first few demos but he decided to go back to Bacolod due to personal and work reasons. When Sugar K passed away, he was the only guitarist on our mind that could fill his shoes. EJ Guevarra decided to don the Jennylyn Sucaldito suit again, and heÆs on fire.

The MCA Music Signing

Last January 19, 2010 was the date when the band finally felt that they have proven themselves. Being chosen by a premiere and respected major label MCA Music (whose OPM line-up includes top brass artists like Chicosci, Urbandub, Pedicab, The Dawn and Franco among others) should be the bandÆs highest point to date, owing to the fact that it is going to be a definite start for TMÆs musical adventure.

The Characters:

1) Norma Love
Zombie Crooner/Dead Madman
Gospel truth: He was a frustrated child actor

2) Iwa Motors
Possessed Doll/Evil toy Marching Band
Gospel truth: He was a mild fever survivor

3) Mowmow
A Werewolf pretending to be a Vampire/Burlesque Clown
Gospel truth: It can dance ala Jabbawockeez alone without falling out of synch with his self.

4) Heart Abunda
Black Phantom/White Phantom
Gospel truth: He can solve an all-white RubikÆs cube in a blink of an eye.

5) Jennylyn Sucaldito
FrakensteinÆs Monster/Demented Cannibal
Gospel truth: He can do a reversed Bungee jumping starting from the ground to the top.

6) Skrovak Iskopanjo
Demonic Dwarf/Dark Elf
Gospel truth: - He was an award-winner stage actor who played the role of a tree.

7) Rufa Mae Milby
Manananggal/ three-twenty fourths Bat and One-Sixteenth Humanoid
Gospel truth: He can do quadruple drum pedaling (via Playstation 3).

8) Rez Curtis
Killer Butcher/Drunk Mental Patient
Gospel truth: He can perform an instrumental a capella.